Monday, May 15, 2006

Important tip

Dear fellow gujarati bloggers,

It is a matter of great pride that gujarati blog world is spreading its wings and more and more people are coming in and sharing their knowledge, experiences and love for literature in Gujarati. I just came across a situation which I am sure lots of you must have come across and while researching it further I found the solution. So I am posting the solution here. I hope it helps.

When you create a blog in Gujarati most of the time in Internet Explorer it looks fine but in firefox or some other browser it may look different and non-readable. I am providing sample below.

To avoid this, please go to the template and in the stylesheet section of the code make sure your text is aligned to left. Also when you create a post make sure it is not set to "justify" but set to "left aligned". I hope this is not too technical. I invite other fellow bloggers to simplify it. Most of the time when you try to justify the text it is ok for English but gujarati unicode are not set up for "justify"

I hope this little tip will certainly help the look of your site and make life for gujarati readers much more fun.




Nav-Sudarshak said...

Dear Siddharthbhai,

You have given useful tips. Blogging in Gujarati is not easy, indeed. I hope the problem of Gujarati script is solved by someone.

I am forced to use the "image solution" for my Gujarati blogs. Would you please visit:

Thank you.

વિવેક said...

Really useful tip for the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

One more Gujarati interesting site in jpg

Suresh said...

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