Thursday, February 24, 2005

એ સોળ વરસની છોરી


It was a crazy day for me. I was relaxing in the morning because I am in elective rotation which is actually better than regular rotation but suddenly got paged by Chief and I had to cover ICU. Now for all non medico people reading this, let me tell you that ICU is the area where patients are really sick. Level of stress is very high and things change minute to minute. Anyways, I think I like challenging situation and I successfully handled it. Now back to home after whole day of work relaxing with cup of tea, playing with my little daughter posting today's blog here.

I really feel lucky when I work with terminally sick patients and I always pray to God that I should never be terminally sick. To be terminally sick and be dependent on the artificial system for survival is really traumatic experience but it is well rewarded when you are back on your feet after that worst experience.

I guess I described too much of medicine here. Let me go back to our Gujarati I am posting this wondeful poem by Priykant Maniar. I had a chance to do my internship in tribal area of Gujarat and this poem brings back some memories.

For those who are reading this, please send me poem by Manoj Khanderia which is k/a "Pagla Vasant Na". I love was one of many favorite ones which I studied as a part of our school curriculum.

Well when it comes to school, I think today's Gujarati children are at disadvantage as most of them are studying in English medium and practically never have chance to learn the mother tongue. I will discuss this issue in detail someday when I have plenty of time.

take care.


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SV said...

Nice poem, thanks for sharing. Blogging does take time (and I should know maintaining 5) along with your job. But the joy is immense. Hope you will find time from your busy work schedule and blog regularly.
- SV ( )