Wednesday, February 23, 2005

સાગર અને શશી

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As you know this is a famous poem by one of the great poets of Gujarati Literature. It has been taken from another website, I don't remember the name at present. I remember this poem for "Varnanuprash" alankar if I am not wrong. "Kamini Kokila keli kunjan kare, Sagare bhasati bhavya bharti", here you can notice that everything starts with "K" and in another line almost everything starts with "bh". Over a period my Gujarati grammer skills are not as great as it used to be. I think I remember this particular "prash". I would appreciate any comments regarding this.




Anonymous said...

Good start...

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

chandu ki chachi ne chandu ke chach ko chandi ke chamche se chatani chatai.

Maro varnanupras joyo motabhai???